Bonus Gifts

Bonus Gifts

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Bonus #1: The Key to Effortless Manifestation - Bill Farber

In this powerful 45 minute MP3, Master of Energy Alignment Bill Farber shares why real success has to result in a sense of fulfillment and not produce further desires -- and why the more we experience our True Nature, the easier it becomes to manifest whatever we desire. Bill then administers an Energy Wave that will align listeners with their True Nature - that natural state of inner fulfillment. Thousands have reported that by experiencing Bill’s Energy Waves, they begin to spontaneously enjoy better health, more energy, greater clarity, increased success, more personal power -- and that sense of deep and profound peace that allows effortless manifestation to occur.

Bonus #2: End Suffering Through Ancestral Forgiveness - John Newton

In his twenties, John had an awakening that left him in a free-fall of consciousness. Soon after, he discovered he was able to enter the gap between thoughts and in this state help people eliminate physical and emotional issues - often in a matter of minutes - by removing the negative content and burdens from their lives and lineages through Ancestral Forgiveness. John also assists people in waking up to their true and eternal nature: Consciousness itself. In this 45-minute MP3, John shares why human beings suffer and how the process of Ancestral Forgiveness works to eliminate that suffering and restore our health, happiness and well being. He then administers a powerful Ancestral Clearing session that will be effective in removing negative content and burdens from the life and lineage of whoever listens, whenever they listen.

Bonus #3: Neutralize the Negative Effects of EMF's on Your Health - Mark Romero

Mark Romero is an internationally known High-Vibration Sound Healing Expert. Through the energy embedded in his music, Mark has helped thousands experience instant healings and shifts in their consciousness as well as protecting them and their families from the debilitating effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) like those emitted from cell phones, computers and other modern-day technology such as smart meters. These “energy interrupters” are adversely affecting our stress levels, health, vitality and the clarity of our thinking.
Several years ago, Dr. Ronald Jones, a top ranking former consultant to NASA discovered that when people listened to the chants of an Indian monk there were dramatic shifts in the listener’s energy field including being shielded from the negative effects of these energy interrupters.Dr. Jones then began to search the world for other music that would do the same and discovered that of Mark Romero.  He found that Mark’s music not only neutralized the negative effects of EMF’s but reduced stress, heightened creativity, improved memory, increased intuition and focus, and brought people a clearer spiritual connection to their Source.
This is the original piece that was tested by Dr. Jones

Bonus #4: Are Imbalances in Your Environment Blocking Your Success? - Michael Mastro

With over 40 years of experience, Michael is considered one of the world’s leading experts in Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of creating balance in your environment that pre-dates FengShui. If you are experiencing financial problems, ill health, challenges in your business, or are struggling in any area of life, perhaps the energetic flow in your home or office needs to be corrected. Michael has helped thousands of individuals and companies create peace and harmony and enjoy greater success through Vastu corrections. His corporate clients include Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, NASA, The World Bank and Oracle. On this MP3 Michael shares the 5 main secrets to unblocking the energy in your home or office so that you can create a harmonious, productive and success-filled environment.

Bonus #5: Heal Your Childhood and Clear Your Limiting Beliefs - Dr. Rick Moss

After teaching meditation for 20 years and realizing the experience of “wholeness” alone did not change subconscious patterns, and that by itself is not enough for transformation, Dr. Moss developed Pre-Cognitive Re-Education, a process to find and clear out the limiting beliefs and retained emotions that block access to the greatness of our Inherent Nature. Gifted with an amazing intuitive ability, Dr. Moss also holds a Ph.D. in education from the University of Texas and is a minister of Religious Science.  This MP3 contains processes that help us with one of our most fundamental areas: Healing Mother and Father Issues. Clients report that experiencing this releases misperceptions, wounds and retained emotions that still exist from childhood (even if you are not consciously aware of them); frees your ability to love yourself and others; creates pathways for forgiveness; and opens you to experience a deeper relationship with the Divine.

Bonus #6: Creating a Space for the Love of Your Life - Robin Mastro

Robin Mastro (yes, Michael’s wife) is an environmental designer and Vastu Shastra expert who has taken the principles of Vastu and applied them to give you a concrete, time-tested way to draw in the love of your life or create a deeper connection in your existing relationships.If you’re ready to go beyond wishing and hoping for the relationship of your dreams, you will want to hear Robin’s powerful interview where she clearly outlines how to use Vastu Shastra in your favor. Believe it or not, manifesting your ideal partner (even if you are discouraged or have already given up) might be as easy as changing the location of your bed!!

Special Bonus 1: The Effortless Path to True Success and Happiness

A 90 minute LIVE presentation I delivered at Janet and Chris Attwood's Discover Your Destiny weekend. Several of the stories and exercises shared at Colin's event are in this presentation.

Special Bonus 2: What the American Idols Can Teach You About Not Giving Up On Your Dreams

A LIVE talk given at Greg Habstritt's Simple Wealth event in Calgary based on interviews I did with over 50 American Idols, judges, producers, directors and fans for my best-selling book Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul.